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Senator Lynn Ruane Newsletter – January 2022

Senator Lynn Ruane Newsletter – January 2022

A Chara,

As we begin 2022 I thought it was important to reflect on the work of 2021. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it has been a busy year, and we have achieved a lot. These achievements have been outlined in the newsletter below:



In summary:

TRIPs Waiver: In December the TRIPs waiver motion I co-sponsored alongside Senator Alice-Mary Higgins and our Civil Engagement Group colleagues passed through the Seanad with unanimous support. The motion calls for decency and universal access to the COVID-19 vaccine.


Spent Convictions: In June my Spent Convictions Bill passed through the Seanad with unanimous support. I have always advocated for my belief that justice should be first and foremost rehabilitative. My bill will allow those with convictions to have them spent, allowing them to once again contribute to society.


Nondisclosure Agreements: In June I introduced my Employment Equality Bill which seeks to ban the use of NDAs and stop them from silencing victims of sexual discrimination and abuse. While NDAs were originally devised to protect industry secrets they’ve since been used to silence victims of sexual harassment and abuse.


Companies Emission Reporting Bill: In November I introduced my Companies Emission Reporting Bill which will require companies to annually disclose their emissions. I introduced the bill as I found that too often the burden of climate change is placed on individuals, this is despite the fact that the Guardian reports that 70% of global emissions are produced by just 100 companies. This Bill will look to hold companies accountable for these emissions.


Drug Decriminalisation: Throughout 2021 I continued my work on Ireland’s drug policy. I stressed the fact that for us to properly address drug policy we must do so in an approach that is humane and health-led. To that end, I have continued to work with politicians from across the house towards developing a Citizens Assembly on the need for decriminalisation.


Child Maintenance: Ensuring clear avenues for Children’s financial support is crucial to addressing child poverty. Child maintenance is a child poverty issue. To resolve the legislative complexities I will look to table a bill with the cross-party women’s caucus in 2022.


Children in Care and Aftercare: In November the Seanad held my proposed debate on the topic of ‘Children in Care and Leaving Care’ during which the Minister committed to working with me on improving therapeutic support and flexibility in after care.


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