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My Policies

If re-elected, I want bring policy that can effect real and lasting change.

Autism-Friendly Society

Working to autism-proof all public and private services


  • I will advocate for the enactment of an Autism Empowerment Act to provide for a National Autism Strategy and give autistic people a voice in matters relevant to their lives


  • I will continue to champion inclusive education particularly advocating for more autism class and special school placements, improved quality and regulation and better supports for autistic students in all schools.


  • The world can be a difficult place to navigate for an autistic person. Modern societies, especially its infrastructure, are so often designed without the input of people with a different set of needs.


  • Even a task as simple as taking a bus can be difficult for someone on the autism spectrum; where noises, odours and the lack of personal space can be overwhelming.


  • If I’m re-elected to the Seanad, I will be working to progress my initiative for an autism-friendly society so public and private services are developed and delivered while cognisant of the needs of autistic citizens.


  • Following discussions with AsIAm, Ireland’s national autism charity, on the difficulties of navigating Ireland’s criminal justice system, we have begun an exciting partnership with Mountjoy Prison on awareness-raising and training for prison staff when engaging with autistic prisoners and their family members.


  • This work is at an advanced stage and once developed, we hope to build a transferable model for other public services, such as the Courts and our public transport networks.


  • If we want to build more inclusive communities and public spaces, we need our everyday services to be proofed for use by citizens living with disabilities – visible and invisible. This means more accessible public services and spaces on the journey towards an meaningfully inclusive society for empowered autistic citizens. This is work I will continue to progress if I am re-elected.

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