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My Priorities

If I’m lucky enough to return to the Oireachtas for another term, I will be continuing my work in these areas. My main priorities for my next term will be pushing for:


  • equity of access to well-funded, accessible and inclusive education
  • a progressive approach to criminal justice reform
  • greater progress towards gender equality and on sexual and reproductive rights
  • greater political participation and empowerment of the marginalised, including working-class, migrant and Traveller communities
  • continuing to take Trinity College into communities across the country

I’ll also be progressing several specific new initiatives in my second term, these include:


  • Supporting lone parents: the creation of a statutory child maintenance recovery agency.
  • Diversity in law: a new initiative on breaking down barriers to practicing law for underrepresented groups.
  • Climate accountability: new legislation requiring large companies to annually publish the environmental impact of their commercial activities.
  • Autism-friendly society: working to proof all public and private services for use by those with autism

If you’d like to read more about my record in the Oireachtas to date, you can do so here.


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